Creation of works that represent the perfect blend of art, sculpture, and design.

The Origins of AVALON

Legend says that AVALON, also called “Apple Island”, would be an enchanted island located off the west coast of England, raccessible only by boat and accessible to those who know the secrets.

In the legend of King Arthur, AVALON is the place where the wounded ruler is taken after abattle, to be healed and become the “King forever”. AVALON represents the perfect island where joy, luck, hope and rebirth provide answers and solutions to questions and problems.

AVALON it is an island that finds its place everywhere.Create your perfect island and place it in your environment.


AVALONwith its products, expresses the tradition of «know-how», the quality of the materials, the attention to detail and respect for the ECOLOGICAL PHILOSOPHY: values that reflect 100% of Made in Italy.

AVALON was born in the productive heart of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, thanks to the experience gained in 30 years of activity in the field of Interior Design, with the aim of producing complex furnishing accessories in their realization, suitable for both national and international markets.

The AVALON collections are dedicated to lovers of «sculptures» suitable for both residential and contract.


AVALON designs, creates and customizes furnishing accessories with an original design, which enrich the spaces and promote the connection between people. Technology meets tradition, creating timeless creations.

AVALON devotes the utmost care to every phase of processing of its products to offer exclusive and original furnishing accessories.


Stefano Bigi grew up between France and Italy and from this double culture has drawn the taste for chic/ luxury and for beautiful things. After studying Art in France, he increased his experience in graphics and web-design.

His great passion, however, has always been linked to the design of furniture and furnishings accessories and in 2005 he moved to Milan and found his company: Stefano Bigi design studio Filosofia. Design is interpreted as a continuous search for the right balance between aesthetics and comfort, between form and function, with the main objective of arousing emotions in people. The balance between innovation and rationalization is the engine that pushes the designer towards new horizons and that leads him to the continuous search for new and particular atmospheres to create.


durable and
reusable packaging.

Think Green is the solution designed to provide durable and sustainable packaging. Made with a sturdy wooden case, it guarantees optimal protection of your product during transport.
The wooden case is designed to be reused for other purposes, also as a container for other object

Selected and certified suppliers

Every aspect of production is characterized by an ethical and ecological approach, to minimize waste and environmental impact.

The choice of suppliers was carried out through a careful selection of companies able to guarantee a high standard of quality and at the same time equipped with the environmental certification FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

Recycling and reforestation

AVALON expresses the originality and uniqueness of its «works» through
the use of woods that come from forests managed in a correct
and responsible manner, in full respect of the life cycle of trees, thus paying great attention to the environment.

This means that each harvest of wood corresponds to new replanting, thus encouraging the necessary recycling and reforestation.

Certificate of authenticity

The certificate of authenticity guarantees both the Italian origin and the originality of the product.

Thanks to a QR-CODE applied under the base of the coffee table it is possible to verify and download its certificate of authenticity in digital version, demonstrating once again great attention to sustainability.

The purchase of an Avalon product gives the certainty of a high-quality product, authentic and guaranteed.


Customer care

AVALON supports the customer in a partnership relationship and continuous existence. promptly providing solutions and related product presentations.

Post-sales assistance

After-sales assistance is one of the most appreciated services: knowing that the relationship with the supplier does not end once a good has been purchased and installed is synonymous with safety.
After-sales assistance and technical assistance in general are among the most important activities of the company.
Our customers have at their disposal the following after-sales services:

  • Technical assistance by telephone or e-mail​;
  • Immediate availability of our staff for on-site inspections;
  • Readiness in the supply of spare parts. components, etc.

All the products offered are covered by a guarantee for a period of 5 years (*) from the delivery of the goods with possible replacement of the same. from any manufacturing defect. The guarantee (* consists in the repair or replacement of the piece or components for ascertained manufacturing defect or damage caused by transport.
The service is complete and free of charge through our Sales & Services office at the following addresses:

tel. +39.0432.1848142

The warrantv does not in anv case cover damage caused by the buyer resulting from incorrect use, tampering or product corruption.
The production and assemblv of the products offered by AVALON are only of Italian nature (Made in Italy).

Internal organization

In order to guarantee the highest quality in both the solutions and the services provided, AVALON has equipped itself with the best technology on the market today in terms of management software svstems.
This allows AVALON to manage the entire value chain: from graphic proposals to all useful information related to each individual Customer / Supplier.


AVALON uses reliable national transporters covered by insurance in order to take advantage of services that guarantee the product integrity and safe deliveries.
Our customers are promptly informed on shipment and arrival of goods, as to facilitate our customers for all the unloading operations and the premises preparation. The shipment notice specifies all the references of the order in progress, the transporter with whom the goods travel and the shipment number, the packages delivered with relative weights and volumes. Furthermore, our sales offices are always available for further information in real time.

Certifications and sustainability

AVALON uses a chain of certified suppliers for. quality, design, coordination and control of production, assembly-packaging processes and attention to the environment.
The constant attention by AVALON to the quality, functionality and usefulness of all its proposals is also evidenced by a completion towards production chains that always put people and the environment in which they operate in the foreground.


Avalon is a brand of Tempus Fugit

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